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Leak Detectors in Sarasota | What Health Problems Do Pipe Leaks Cause?

Water leaks can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your home. But that’s not all. When undetected and not treated, pipe leaks can damage the quality of air in your home. Additionally, pipe leaks can cause interior damage to your walls, floors, and prized possessions. If you suspect that you have a pipe leak, contact leak detectors in Sarasota before the water damages your home and health.


Pipe Leaks Cause Mold

When water from leaks goes unnoticed, the mold and mildew can develop. Mold and mildew love moisture-rich conditions where spores can attach and thrive. Additionally, asbestos and other harmful fungi can grow in damp, humid areas. This can lower the quality of the air in your home. In fact, studies reported by the EPA estimate that the level of indoor air pollutants is 2-5 times higher that outdoor levels. This is often caused by pipe leaks going undetected and unnoticed.

Mold Health Effects and Symptoms

Mold inside your home can lead to a variety of health problems. These include irritated nose and throat, sinus congestion, fatigue, and rashes. The consequences can also become more serious. If someone already has a respiratory condition, mold and other fungi in the area can make the condition worse. Breathing in air of a low quality can worsen existing respiratory conditions, and cause fever or difficulty breathy.


Are You Looking for Leak Detectors in Sarasota?

Detecting a pipe leak before it affects the quality of your home’s air is essential to keeping you and your family healthy. For the best leak detectors in Sarasota, contact Leak Locators. By detecting a leak early, your home and your family can stay safe and breathe easy.

Florida Leak Locators | How are Leaks Detected?


Florida leak locators specialize in finding leaks in your home using the latest technology. Unlike plumbers, there are certain processes and training a leak detector must go through. Learn all about how leaks are detected to better understand how important it is to find leaks in your home.

What is Leak Detection?

In simple terms, leak detection is the process or method of determining the location of a leak in a pipe or other container. Finding leaks is important for maintaining the quality of everyday appliances and products. If leaks go undetected, especially in your home, the product or appliance can be seriously damaged. Additionally, water leaks can inflict damage on the structure and surfaces of your home.

What is Used in Leak Detection?

A variety of tools and technologies are used by professionals to determine the location of leaks. Tools such as a noise logger can help a leak detector watch and monitor large water networks. They can do this over a period of time on valves, meters and other fittings. Additionally, a leak noise correlator helps detect leaks by analyzing audio frequencies. By detecting and analyzing the frequencies in pipe networks, leak detectors are able to better determine the characteristics of a leak. Lastly, life pressure loggers are used by both residential and industry leak detectors. With a long battery life, these pressure loggers give specialists important data to determine the level of the leak.


Do You Need Florida Leak Locators?

Leaks in your home should not go unnoticed. If you believe you have a leak, contact Leak Locators. These Florida Leak Locators use the latest and best technology to detect leaks and solve the crisis.

South Florida Leak Detection | Water Damage Health Hazards

Leaks in your home can lead to water damage in one or multiple rooms. Even small leaks can lead to escalate to large problems for your home and your health. Learn all about the health hazards of leaks and water damage, the call a South Florida leak detection service to ensure your home is free of leaks.


Plumbing and Dirty Water Leaks

Plumbing leaks occur from a variety of different factors. Your toilet could overflow, or your pump could fail. When this occurs, dirty and bacteria filled water can cause damage on your bathroom floor. This can spread bacteria all over your bathroom and across your home and office. In this situation, wear gloves as you completely dry out the area. Then, thoroughly clean and disinfect the bathroom to prevent bacteria from spreading.

High Humidity Indoors

Some small indoor spaces can retain a large amount of moisture. As a result, water will collect and condense on the surfaces in the space. This can be difficult to detect. Sometimes, you will see the water in unexpected places such as above ceiling tiles or behind walls. This water damage can easily lead to indoor mold if it goes unnoticed. If you notice a musty odor in the area, you may have mold in the room, which can cause allergy-like symptoms and be detrimental to your health.


Do You Need South Florida Leak Detection?

If you are experiencing a leak, or any type of water damage, it is essential you contact a South Florida Leak Detection company. To keep your home free from mold and water damage, contact the experts at FP Restoration.

Find Water Leak in Florida | How Can I Save Water at Home?


When it comes to water usage in your home, finding ways to cut back on water usage saves money and a valuable resource. From how to find water leak in Florida to taking shorter showers, every drop of water counts. Here are the facts about water usage and how you can save water in your home.

Home Water Usage Facts

In order to understand how to save water, we must first know the facts about water usage in the average household. Around the world, almost 60% of water loss comes from leaky pipes. If you have a faucet that continuously drips, this can waste almost 27,000 gallons of water annually. To put this all in perspective, global water usage continues to rise at two times the rate of population growth. This costs us all money and a valuable resource.

Save Water at Home

There are many ways you can save water inside and outside of your home. First, take shorter showers and turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving. Additionally, make sure your underground irrigation system works properly in your yard. You can also invest in rainwater harvesting systems or graywater reuse systems to save water when taking care of your yard.


Find Water Leak in Florida

We lose so much water when we have leaky pipes and faucets. One of the most efficient ways to save water and money is to find and fix water leaks in your home. Contact Leak Locators if you need to find water leak in Florida. By having the experts locate leaks in your home, you will help your wallet and the planet.

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