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5 Dangers of Roof Leak in Tallahassee

Roof Leak

Most home and business owners already know that a roof leak is never a good thing. It causes water damage to a vast and astonishing range of things, but there is even more to worry about if you have this issue. Here are five things that such a leak might cause, and they are all reasons why you want to work with experts in leak detection as soon as the problems emerge.

 1. Most cause mold and mildew - Water seeping in through the roof doesn't just stop and dry immediately. It seeps everywhere and will quickly cause mold and mildew to develop in the attic, walls, ceilings and beyond.

 2. Leaks cause structural damage - Water pouring into the attic destroys most types of insulation on contact, but also seeps into the sheet rock, paneling and even the joists and rafters. This can lead to buckling, rotting and worse.

 3. There can be electrical issues - If your property has a leaking roof it means water may fall onto electrical fixtures and lines, causing a wide range of hazards

 4. It may lead to higher utility bills - Cooled and heated air can leak out through the roof, insulation is ruined by water further reducing efficiency, and eventually, the damages to walls and windows causes further issues.

 5. It is hazardous - A roof leak is a hazard as it allows water to pool almost anywhere, including floors, furnishings and more, leading to risks for falls and slips, and other injury.

Get the Roof Leak Addressed

Leak Locators of Florida has 24-hour, licensed, insured and bonded services for property owners in Tallahassee, and you can get in touch online or by phone at 888.899.4351 to book a visit or service call.

Leak Locators in Tallahassee FL | Non-intrusive Leak Detection

Leak Locators in Tallahassee FL | Non-Intrusive Leak Detection

Leak detection is a service that would be requested if you are experiencing an increase in your monthly water bill or have a drop in water pressure. There are two types of leak detection that can be performed in this situation. There is the intrusive method of cutting away materials to visibly look for a leak, or the non-intrusive method which uses technology to locate the leak.

Here at Leak Locators we make sure that we do not cause any further damage- that is why we use non-intrusive leak detection methods. Common devices used for leak detection are: Moisture Meters, Thermal Cameras and Electronic Listening Devices. All of these can be used to locate leaks without any removal.

Moisture Meters are used to detect moisture by pressing the device up against the area of concern. These meters are calibrated prior to each use to provide the most accurate readings.


Thermal Cameras are another way we can use technology to locate leaks. The camera is pointed at the area of concern and will display an image highlighting the temperature differences found. Whether there is a hot spot or cold spot, the thermal camera will pick it up.

IMG 6614

Electronic Listening Devices are the last piece we will cover for non-intrusive leak detection. These devices have multiple attachments depending on the surface you are attempting to listen to. Once the appropriate attachment is selected, the leak technician will begin to listen for traces of a leak. These devices make a small drop sound like a waterfall and are very useful for leak detection.


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3 Important Reason Why Slab Leak Must Be Fixed Immediately

Do you think your Cape Coral home or business property might have some sort of slab leak? This is typically due to some sort of break or leak in a water line contained within the slab itself. Insurance experts say that a leak of this kind comes with "high repair costs and the potential for major water damage to your house and belongings" which are reason enough to have expert leak detection services take a look if you suspect this is a problem.

Yet, there are many other reasons to have a leak of this kind repaired immediately, and they include:

  1. It can lead to foundation and structural issues - A water logged foundation or slab is going to begin to cause all kinds of problems in the building, and this can lead to cracked walls, warped floors, and even rotting timbers

  2. It is a costly waste of water - The expense of an unrepaired water leak can be massive. You will waste water, certainly, and though that is bad for the environment, it is just as bad for your bottom line.

  3. It can lead to mold - The seasonal conditions in Cape Coral are perfect for mold growth, and water seeping from a slab can lead to health risks.

Getting a Slab Leak Remedied

Do you think you have this problem? If so, Leak Locators offers licensed, insured and bonded services, 24-hour a day, in Cape Coral. Get in touch online or by phone at 888.899.4351.


Florida Leak Detectors | 4 Common Places Leaks Occur


Water leaks can happen in many areas of your home, both inside and out. Although the size of the leak may vary, there is no doubt that an undetected leak can cause significant damage to your home. In addition, water leaks can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can take a toll on your health. Read about the common places where leaks occur, and be sure to call Florida leak detectors to find and fix a water leak in your home.

Washing Machine

Washing machines use a significant amount of water. For this reason, it is important to check behind the machine periodically, as connecting hoses may rupture. In addition, be sure to look for mold and mildew.



As one of the most used appliances in your home, toilets can clog and leak at any time. Check on the pipes behind your toilet for any condensation or mildew. This could indicate a pipe leak that needs to be addresses right away.


The ice maker in your refrigerator contains water supply connections that can rupture or leak. When you go to clean behind your fridge, be sure to check for any mold or water damage.

Water Heater

Water heaters are constantly in use. Therefore, they should be checked at least once a month for signs of leaks. In areas where the water has a high mineral content, it is especially important to detect leaks as soon as possible.

Florida Leak Detectors Can Help You

If you suspect that you have a leak in your home, do not hesitate to contact Leak Locators. These Florida leak detectors can quickly assess the damage and make help control any damage.

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