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Why Should You Take Slab Leak Detection Seriously?

why should you take slab leak detection seriously

Do you feel that your commercial or residential property in Naples has a slab leak? This is when a water line in the concrete or beneath it has developed a leap and has compromised the foundation of the building, or the slab itself. It is often very difficult for a property owner to do slab leak detection on their own, though, and requires professional help.

There are many misconceptions about slab leaks, and one of the worst is that they don't need to be addressed immediately. After all, many reason, if there is no standing water or flooding, is it such a major issue? In a word, the answer to that question is: Yes!

The Reason for Immediate Slab Leak Detection

Why is that the case? If you suspect that your Naples property has leaking, it has to be detected and repaired immediately because:

  1. It can degrade the base beneath the building
  2. It can quickly lead to the development of mold
  3. It can cause floors and walls to crack and even collapse or buckle permanently
  4. It will end up costing you vast sums in wasted water

To avoid such problematic issues, it is imperative to get expert help immediately. For those in Naples, Leak Locators delivers licensed, insured and bonded services 24-hours a day. Offering the very best in technology and skill, they find even the most covert leaks. You can quickly get in touch online or by phone at 888.899.4351 to book a visit or service call.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Leak Locator Service in Tallahassee

Why You need professional leak locators

If you are a property owner in Tallahassee, you may think of yourself as capable of doing a lot of the DIY repair work on your own. Yet, you absolutely need an expert leak location service when a plumbing leak of any kind occurs. While we are going to look at two additional reasons to take this step, we offer one universal reason here: It is almost impossible to know where a leak is occurring if the water has traveled very far.

As an example, a leak in the roof may not show any signs at all until water starts seeping through a wall. This can make you believe that the leak is in the wall or a nearby window, and you might affect a bunch of repairs that make no difference!

Why a Leak Location Service Is Best

In addition to that one good reason for hiring pros, you must also consider:

  1. Experts have tools to diagnose even concrete slab leaks
  2. Experts know the signs of certain types of leaks and can cut to the chase and identify the issue almost immediately

Never assume you know where water is coming from and instead work with pros who can do a fast assessment of plumbing and other leaks. Property owners in Tallahassee can turn to Leak Locators of Florida. With round the clock, licensed, insured and bonded services, they can be reached online or by phone at 888.899.4351 to book a visit or service call.

Why You Need Slab Leak Detection In Sarasota City

The water that has repeatedly pooled up in the corner of the garage or even inside of the home or business…is it becoming annoying? It might also be slowly destroying that property. While there are many early signs that you have a slab leak at work in your Sarasota property, it often requires professional slab leak detection to confirm the issue.

"But if there's no standing water or flooding," you might say, "why hire someone for the issue?"

There are a few good reasons to do so, and the list includes three very significant ones:

  1. You'll end up saving a lot of money - Water consumption costs you, and though a leak might seem very small, it can be pouring lots of dollars out of your bank account.
  2. You'll end up saving the building - It goes without saying that even the tiniest and most insignificant leak is going to eventually cause problems. It could wash the bedding beneath the foundation away, cause mold and decay inside the building, lead to expensive repairs.
  3. You'll end up saving your health - Water leaks lead to mold, and almost everyone is sensitive to this in their living or working spaces.

Get Expert Slab Leak Detection

Leak Locators of Florida offers 24-hour, licensed, insured and bonded services and can detect slab leaks, among many other kinds of leaking issues. You can quickly get in touch online or by phone at 888.899.4351 to book a visit or service call.

What Should You Do When You Suspect A Slab Leak

primary steps for slab leak

You might think that a slab leak is not all that serious. After all, many property owners in Fort Myers might think, it is not a serious problem if there is no standing water, flooding or other major concerns. That, however, is actually wrong. A slab leak is often due to a broken or leaking water supply line beneath the foundation. Though it might not be severe, it can cause such problems as:

  • Very high water bills
  • The development of mold and mildew
  • Degradation of the foundation and wood of the structure
  • Buckling floors and cracking walls
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Higher hot water costs due to the water constantly running

In other words, you are going to lose money over the short term as well as the long term, and could even end up with a huge repair bill because of the leak.

Dealing with a Slab Leak

Because this type of leak can be so difficult to diagnose and detect (not to mention repair), it means that experts should be contacted at the very first sign of this particular problem.

Leak Locators offers home and business owners in Fort Myers licensed, insured and bonded leak detection services on a 24-hour basis. Using the most advanced equipment in the industry, they can identify a slab leak as well as any other sort of leak, helping you to get it addressed as quickly as possible. Get in touch online or by phone at 888.899.4351.

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