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Florida Leak Detection | Hidden Home Leaks


The average household in the US uses over 10,000 gallons of water per month. About 10% of that water is wasted due to running toilets and plumbing leaks. Finding a hidden water leak in your home can be difficult and time-consuming. In addition, you may not have the proper equipment or experience to discover and fix the link. Be aware of these signs of a water leak in your home, then call a Florida leak detection service to help you solve the crisis

Ceiling, Floor and Wall Leaks

If you notice moisture and discoloration in your home, you may be experiencing a ceiling, floor or wall leak. Start by examining flooring around appliances that use water, such as toilets, bathtubs, refrigerators, and dishwashers. If the flooring is warped, cracked or spongy, you may have a leak. Also, check the walls and ceilings of rooms beneath bathrooms. Stains and peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper can indicate that there is a leak in your nearby pipes.


Bathroom and Kitchen Leaks

To check for leaks in these rooms, open cabinet doors under sinks, and use a flashlight to look for moisture. Be sure to look at the joints of the cabinets. A leaking pipe can cause corrosion of the supply line valves and fittings. Take everything out of the cabinet and look for mold, dampness, stains and peeling material. This can indicate a leak.

Contact a Florida Leak Detection Service

If you believe you have detected a leak in your home, don’t start taking action just yet. Contact Leak Locators, the Florida leak detection experts. With the most up to date and advanced technology, they can confirm if there are any leaks in your home, and help you solve the crisis. 

Leak Detectors in Florida | What to Do If You Have a Water Leak


Water leaks in your home can be costly and damaging. If you notice curling wallpaper, peeling paint, or loose tiles near a water source, you may have a water leak. Water leaks can come from a variety of sources. These include your shower or tub drain, toilet flange, and sink rim. While some of these leaks may not seem damaging at first, the continuous water build up can create damage over time. If you notice the signs of a leak in your home, follow these steps to control the situation. Then contact the best leak detectors in Florida to take care of your home.

Step 1: Act Quickly

Time is money when it comes to a leak in your home. The first thing to do if you discover a leak in your home is to shut off the water supply to the appliance the water is leaking from. Do this as soon as you see a sign of a leak to assess the situation. Unplug and remove any electronics from the area surrounding the leak. If necessary, shut off the circuit breaker as well.

Step 2: Call Professional Leak Detectors in Florida

After you have cleared the area and shut off the water supply, call professional leak detectors in Florida. Make sure the company is licensed and specializes in leak detection. For the best results, contact the experts at Leak Locators. Leak Locators offers leak detection services for a variety of leaks you may experience in your home. Let their qualified professionals save your home from further water damage. 

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