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Leak Locators in Tallahassee FL | Non-Intrusive Leak Detection

Leak detection is a service that would be requested if you are experiencing an increase in your monthly water bill or have a drop in water pressure. There are two types of leak detection that can be performed in this situation. There is the intrusive method of cutting away materials to visibly look for a leak, or the non-intrusive method which uses technology to locate the leak.

Here at Leak Locators we make sure that we do not cause any further damage- that is why we use non-intrusive leak detection methods. Common devices used for leak detection are: Moisture Meters, Thermal Cameras and Electronic Listening Devices. All of these can be used to locate leaks without any removal.

Moisture Meters are used to detect moisture by pressing the device up against the area of concern. These meters are calibrated prior to each use to provide the most accurate readings.


Thermal Cameras are another way we can use technology to locate leaks. The camera is pointed at the area of concern and will display an image highlighting the temperature differences found. Whether there is a hot spot or cold spot, the thermal camera will pick it up.

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Electronic Listening Devices are the last piece we will cover for non-intrusive leak detection. These devices have multiple attachments depending on the surface you are attempting to listen to. Once the appropriate attachment is selected, the leak technician will begin to listen for traces of a leak. These devices make a small drop sound like a waterfall and are very useful for leak detection.


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