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Water leaks can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your home. But that’s not all. When undetected and not treated, pipe leaks can damage the quality of air in your home. Additionally, pipe leaks can cause interior damage to your walls, floors, and prized possessions. If you suspect that you have a pipe leak, contact leak detectors in Sarasota before the water damages your home and health.


Pipe Leaks Cause Mold

When water from leaks goes unnoticed, the mold and mildew can develop. Mold and mildew love moisture-rich conditions where spores can attach and thrive. Additionally, asbestos and other harmful fungi can grow in damp, humid areas. This can lower the quality of the air in your home. In fact, studies reported by the EPA estimate that the level of indoor air pollutants is 2-5 times higher that outdoor levels. This is often caused by pipe leaks going undetected and unnoticed.

Mold Health Effects and Symptoms

Mold inside your home can lead to a variety of health problems. These include irritated nose and throat, sinus congestion, fatigue, and rashes. The consequences can also become more serious. If someone already has a respiratory condition, mold and other fungi in the area can make the condition worse. Breathing in air of a low quality can worsen existing respiratory conditions, and cause fever or difficulty breathy.


Are You Looking for Leak Detectors in Sarasota?

Detecting a pipe leak before it affects the quality of your home’s air is essential to keeping you and your family healthy. For the best leak detectors in Sarasota, contact Leak Locators. By detecting a leak early, your home and your family can stay safe and breathe easy.

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