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Leaks in your home can lead to water damage in one or multiple rooms. Even small leaks can lead to escalate to large problems for your home and your health. Learn all about the health hazards of leaks and water damage, the call a South Florida leak detection service to ensure your home is free of leaks.


Plumbing and Dirty Water Leaks

Plumbing leaks occur from a variety of different factors. Your toilet could overflow, or your pump could fail. When this occurs, dirty and bacteria filled water can cause damage on your bathroom floor. This can spread bacteria all over your bathroom and across your home and office. In this situation, wear gloves as you completely dry out the area. Then, thoroughly clean and disinfect the bathroom to prevent bacteria from spreading.

High Humidity Indoors

Some small indoor spaces can retain a large amount of moisture. As a result, water will collect and condense on the surfaces in the space. This can be difficult to detect. Sometimes, you will see the water in unexpected places such as above ceiling tiles or behind walls. This water damage can easily lead to indoor mold if it goes unnoticed. If you notice a musty odor in the area, you may have mold in the room, which can cause allergy-like symptoms and be detrimental to your health.


Do You Need South Florida Leak Detection?

If you are experiencing a leak, or any type of water damage, it is essential you contact a South Florida Leak Detection company. To keep your home free from mold and water damage, contact the experts at FP Restoration.

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