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Florida leak locators specialize in finding leaks in your home using the latest technology. Unlike plumbers, there are certain processes and training a leak detector must go through. Learn all about how leaks are detected to better understand how important it is to find leaks in your home.

What is Leak Detection?

In simple terms, leak detection is the process or method of determining the location of a leak in a pipe or other container. Finding leaks is important for maintaining the quality of everyday appliances and products. If leaks go undetected, especially in your home, the product or appliance can be seriously damaged. Additionally, water leaks can inflict damage on the structure and surfaces of your home.

What is Used in Leak Detection?

A variety of tools and technologies are used by professionals to determine the location of leaks. Tools such as a noise logger can help a leak detector watch and monitor large water networks. They can do this over a period of time on valves, meters and other fittings. Additionally, a leak noise correlator helps detect leaks by analyzing audio frequencies. By detecting and analyzing the frequencies in pipe networks, leak detectors are able to better determine the characteristics of a leak. Lastly, life pressure loggers are used by both residential and industry leak detectors. With a long battery life, these pressure loggers give specialists important data to determine the level of the leak.


Do You Need Florida Leak Locators?

Leaks in your home should not go unnoticed. If you believe you have a leak, contact Leak Locators. These Florida Leak Locators use the latest and best technology to detect leaks and solve the crisis.

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