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When it comes to water usage in your home, finding ways to cut back on water usage saves money and a valuable resource. From how to find water leak in Florida to taking shorter showers, every drop of water counts. Here are the facts about water usage and how you can save water in your home.

Home Water Usage Facts

In order to understand how to save water, we must first know the facts about water usage in the average household. Around the world, almost 60% of water loss comes from leaky pipes. If you have a faucet that continuously drips, this can waste almost 27,000 gallons of water annually. To put this all in perspective, global water usage continues to rise at two times the rate of population growth. This costs us all money and a valuable resource.

Save Water at Home

There are many ways you can save water inside and outside of your home. First, take shorter showers and turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving. Additionally, make sure your underground irrigation system works properly in your yard. You can also invest in rainwater harvesting systems or graywater reuse systems to save water when taking care of your yard.


Find Water Leak in Florida

We lose so much water when we have leaky pipes and faucets. One of the most efficient ways to save water and money is to find and fix water leaks in your home. Contact Leak Locators if you need to find water leak in Florida. By having the experts locate leaks in your home, you will help your wallet and the planet.

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