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what is leak detection in for myers

There is no doubt that water leaks large and small can cause visible damage to your home. However, there are more than just visible consequences. Check out the consequences of water leaks in your home, then call for leak detection in Fort Myers to help solve the crisis.

The Growth of Mold and Fungus

With water leaks come mold and fungal growth. When the spores from mold and fungus come in contact with water, they continue to grow. This can fill the air in your home with unhealthy mold growth while spores cannot stop growing, and pollute the air. Mold spores can be irritating for some. However, symptoms of mold spores can be more serious in others. Nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, and sneezing are all signs you have mold spores in your home.

Structural Damage

In addition to health hazards, undetected water leaks can damage the structure of your home as well. This damage is not only expensive but dangerous. Stains and streaks on the walls are often the first sign of water damage. If the leak continues, drywall and other materials can begin to absorb the water. This causes the material to swell and change shape. The longer the leak goes untreated, the weaker the structure of your home becomes.

Seeking Leak Detection in Fort Myers

Untreated water leaks can cause damage to your health and your home. If you see the signs of a water leak, contact Leak Locators. Finding leak detection in Fort Myers can help your health and your home. 

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