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You've mopped up that odd puddle on the kitchen floor how many times this week? Maybe it is not in the kitchen but a corner of the garage. Perhaps you've detected a mildew smell in one of your rooms or offices? There are many signs and symptoms of a slab leak, but it can be nearly impossible to know the source without expert intervention.

Why? A leak of this kind typically occurs because one of the water lines concealed within or beneath the slab has formed some sort of leak. While you might think that the leak is directly beneath the area where water is pooling or moisture gathering, it is not always so. Because concrete does not halt water, the leak might be anywhere and it is best to work with experts in leak detection to halt any further damages in your Bradenton property.

Get Expert Slab Leak Detection

What will such a service do? Typically, they use the most advanced gear to determine just where the problem is occurring. It could be thermal imaging, sound capturing devices or even the use of pumped air to find out just where that leak has sprung. The point is to get that help as soon as you suspect a problem.

Leak Locators of Florida offers property owners in Bradenton 24-hour, licensed, insured and bonded services. They are highly skilled at uncovering slab leaks, and you can quickly get in touch online or by phone at 888.899.4351 to book a visit or service call.

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