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You already know that the slab foundation beneath your Brandon commercial or residential property is what keeps it upright and in good condition. Without it, the home would settle and shift, and it would not be long before collapse or damage occurred. Yet, did you know that those same issues might arise even with a slab in place? A leak beneath the foundation can cause total structural failure, and it is why slab leak detection is essential at the first sign of trouble.

Understanding Slab Leak Detection

Why would you need expert detection if you can probably gauge the issue yourself? Here's the thing - most of us cannot just "eyeball" the situation and know exactly what's going on. This is because a slab leak happens beneath the slab, and it might take quite a while to manifest in any number of ways. Even more disturbing is the fact that the area of the building showing signs of trouble may not be where the leak has occurred.

For example, the leak could have washed away the soil beneath a corner of the building, and now gravity is causing a slight shift, tilt and accumulation of water in another area. That is why expert help is essential at the very instant you suspect a slab leak in a Brandon property.

Leak Locators of Florida has 24-hour, licensed, insured and bonded services for Brandon property owners, and you can get in touch online or by phone at 888.899.4351 to book a visit or service call.

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